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Insita is the second private foundation founded by Rob Horwitz and Catherine Redlich. Rob and Cathy founded the
Redlich Horwitz Foundation in 1986, and organization best known for its work towards broad practice and system improvement within the New York State foster care system.  Building on this experience, Insita was estabilished in
2018 as a separate entity with a broader mandate to focus on high leverage opportunities to improve outcomes
for youth an families across the US. 

Using a combination of market-rate investments, concessionary capital and grants, Insita looks for partners that:

                 - Deliver critical products and services to underserved youth and families across the United States

                 - Have ambitious plans and capabilities to improve social, economic, health, or education
                   outcomes at scale. 

                 - Prioritize diversity and inclusion when building and growing a team.

Insita Group LTD
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